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Eindhoven - Adventure Camper

min 2, max 6 persons
from € 22,50 p.p.

How does it work? 

In Eindhoven Strijp-S, there is a bright yellowish Adventure camper that has been all over the world. Get on board and discover where this camper has been. You’ll have exactly 60 minutes to make the same journey around the world. Go Down-Under, visit 1001 nights in the Far East and travel route-66. They are so many beautiful countries to visit, but be prepared and don’t travel too long. Be back in time in Eindhoven and the Camper-door will open again. Do you have your passport and are you ready for this journey around the world? Get on board and experience an amazing adventure.



  • Maximum travel party of 8 you are traveling this bright yellow camper.
  • 15 minutes introduction and 60 minutes to travel around the world.
  • Also available in English and German, please tell us in advance.