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Eindhoven - The Battle - (2 rooms)

min 6, max 12 persons
from € 20,77 p.p.

How does it work?

In The Battle you battle in teams, with friends, family or colleagues against each other in 2, 3 or 4 identical Escape Rooms, themed Disco Classics. On a TV screen you can see real time scores from you and the other teams. When you see another team has solved more puzzles than you have? Quickly get the joker, so their lights turn off, or their puzzles will get more difficult. You can buy a hint to solve your puzzles faster. Keep in mind, the first 2 jokers are for free, later on you have to pay for it.

Focus on puzzling, be keen on your money, watch your competitors and keep an eye to the clock. There is only 60 minutes to escape. Be the first team to escape and keep as much money as possible. This is the only way to win The Battle.


  • You battle in max 4 teams, each 3 to 6 people.
  • In the end you all discuss the same puzzles, so good fun afterall.
  • Unique self-made software.
  • The only room where you also need tactics, so not just an average Escape room.
  • Also available in English, please tell us in advance.
  • 15 min explanation, than you have 60 minutes trying to escape first, with as much money as possible.