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VR Escape Game: Casa de Papel

Vanaf € 36,00

How does it work?

You ever fantasize about robbing a bank and holding millions? Than take the challenge from El Professor and show you have real bank robber qualities.

This VR Escape game is based on the successful Netflix series Casa de Papel, but you do not have to see the series to bring the game to a successful conclusion. To reach your goal, you try in teams of max 4 people, to solve cryptic puzzles as much as possible. Watch for the other teams, because everybody aims to rob the bank. One team member is wearing VR glasses, while the others need to assist him, in real life, with cracking the codes. You will need eachother, because solutions may be in the ‘other’ world. Also speed and creativity are import methods to get to a succesful robbery.

This unique collaboration demands even more team spirit. Do you dare to take on this challenge, with friends, family or collegues?

Do you have a suitable location where to play the game? We are happy to visit you on location!


  • A unique combination of puzzling in real life and in virtual reality
  • Battle in teams of 4 to eachother and take the challenge of El Professor
  • It starts with an explanation of 15 minutes and then you will have 90 minutes to rob the bank
  • This VR escape room is also available in English, please mention while booking if you prefer so.