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Eindhoven - Crime Lab

min 2, max 8 persons
from € 16,88 p.p.

How does it work?


In Strijp-S in city Eindhoven a crime lab has been discovered. Because your team specializes in crime labs, you will be send to this lab by CSI. Once you are in, they is no return. Even worse, the gang that is involved, are aware of your visit and they will lock the door behind you. The timer indicates 60 minutes before they’ll come back. Make sure you outsmart the gangsters, and solve riddles, cryptic puzzles and number combinations, otherwise we will not be responsible for the consequences. Is your team able to handle this?


  • Maximum 8 people trying to escape this crime lab in time.
  • An unique entrance to this escape room, nowhere else to be found like this.
  • 15 minutes introduction and 60 minutes trying to escape the lab.
  • Also available in English and German, please tell us in advance.